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Apave assists and advices clients in the development of solutions which are adjusted to their nees and their objectives - irrespective of their size and field of activity

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Apave acts in one of two capacities: either as technical inspector (sometimes acting as health and safety coordinator) or as provider of project management consultancy services (PMC). In the consultancy field, Apave is dedicated to assist clients in order to ensure construction quality, public safety, safe operations, energy and cost saving approach, enviromentally friendly, prevention of risk and ensure quality system. Apave works together with client to reach the right regulatory, technical, financial and administrative decisions.


  • Project Management
  • Construction Management


  • Design Review
  • Total Cost Estimation Review
  • Bidding Consultancy
  • Construction Inspection
  • M&E Inspection


  • Certification of full safe weight condition
  • Certification of Quality Conformity


  • Building Renovation and Upgrading
  • Project Problem Identification and Solution Finding

Certifer-Apave partnership: the specific missions of the rail sector
Apave and Certifer, the French leader in railway controls, have signed a partnership allowing them to respond to the control missions related to this mode of transport. Apave supports the regulatory technical inspections, Certifer, the specific controls to the railway regulations. In order to strengthen its offer in the field of guided public transport systems (metro and tram lines), but also in the railways, railway stations, signaling and rolling stock sectors of the national rail network (tank wagons carrying Apave has entered into an exclusive partnership with Certifer, the reference organization in France, authorized to carry out specific tasks related to railway regulations (EOQA). As a result, the two companies jointly respond to calls for tenders and jointly manage their missions in as ooth and coordinated way, enabling them to tackle specific rail controls and standard technical controls on all types of projects.

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